Different types of golf clubs overview

Golf, and in particular, golf clubs, can be a pretty hard thing to figure out for a complete beginner. Personally, it took me months just to get the basics down, but i do think that i can share my knowledge in a better way so that other beginner golfers can get it quicker. Knowing golf clubs practically equals knowing how to play golf, which is why i decided to write this post today. In general though, if you want to figure out the game itself, i would recommend getting few used golf clubs and hitting the golf course. Clubs don’t have to be used, i just find them to be less risky than usual. Back to the topic though, what types of golf clubs exist out there? In what ways are they different? These are the questions i will be attempting to answer with this guide. Golf clubs, as i’ve already mentioned, are integral to your golfing experience, but manufacturers are often confusing about golf clubs and they are doing it on purpose. That’s why i’m going to be writing this tutorial in a manner that is as clear as possible. Knowing what purpose each type of clubs serves will help you on the golf course as well as during the process of shopping for golf clubs. There are three main types of clubs and i’m going to talk about them in great detail. These most important kinds of clubs are : woods, irons, hybrids. Two other club types that i’m going to discuss – putters and wedges – are just as important, it’s just they are simpler in how they work so i’m not going to go in as deep about them as the others. So, let’s get started and let’s discuss the driver first. 

Some of you might be surprised to hear the word driver, as i didn’t mention it as one of the types. That’s because it technically belongs to the class of woods, but because of it’s importance, i think it’s necessary to talk about it separately. Driver is the first club you use to hit the ball off the tee. It is also typically the longest golf club in a bag and intended to make the ball fly the furthest of them all. That is why you need extra caution when you’re hitting with a driver. If you make a mistake, it’s going to have a serious impact on your game. On the other hand, if you are a beginner and you’re pretty sure that mistakes are going to be made, all hope is not lost for you. Golf club brands have figured out a way to make a driver for you, called Super game improvement driver. It is much more forgiving of mistakes and therefore better suited for beginner golfers. Most common problem that beginners face is a slice. But good news is, these drivers can help you hit a draw instead of a slice.

Other woods are very much like drivers, but on a smaller scale. They are a bit shorter in length and even though woods are also optimized for delivering the ball to far away points, they are a bit more accurate than the drivers. You can think of them as a bridge between drivers and irons. There are different numbers of woods, you might have heard : 3 wood , 5 wood and etc. These numbers describe how accurate a wood is. The higher the number, the more accurate wood is. Always remember though, that accuracy always comes at the cost of distance. Most of the time, you can’t get either of these without sacrificing the other.

Irons, in comparison to woods and drivers, are shorter and more accurate, but can’t make balls fly as far as those two. You can probably see a pattern here – the more accurate golf clubs are, the less distance they can offer. That’s why you must have them all in your bag. When you know that you need distance, you can use woods, and while you see that accuracy is what your game needs, then you can use irons.

Hybrids are sort of a wood and iron … well, hybrid. They combine, or at least attempt to combine, best features of both. Hybrids are also extremely useful on the course, because they can do multiple things. Some people even use them as drivers. They can be substituted for other clubs too. Hybrids are unique in that way. 

Putters are extremely precise golf clubs that you’re supposed to use when your ball gets really closer to the hole. Personally i like hitting them the most. 

Wedges are the sort of clubs that you use when your golf ball lands on the sand or other messy surface. They look and feel like irons, but are quite different.

Choosing golf club as a casual golfer

It is usually pretty hard to tell when you stop being a complete beginner and become intermediate golfer. Overall, the distinction only exists in our minds and a lot depends on our own perception of our skills, and confidence that comes from knowing that you’re good golfer. But let’s save that for another blog post. For now, i want to talk about choosing golf clubs as an averagely experienced, intermediate golfer. Golf clubs at this level gain high level of importance. As a beginner, it didn’t really matter which golf clubs you used – lack of sufficient skillset kept you from achieving your best on the golf course anyway. Once you’ve accumulated one or two years experience of playing golf, golf clubs start to become very important. 

Being intermediate golfers, i will assume that readers know a thing or two about golf. I won’t be explaining what loft is or anything like that. I will take more direct approach and try to answer practical questions that might arise when you’re shopping for golf clubs. 

As a beginner, cheap golf clubs might have been perfectly fine, but for intermediate golfers, they are just not sufficient. I know because when i was playing with them, at some point, i started to notice that these cheap golf clubs just didn’t cut it for me. As an intermediate golfer, you should get club set that will keep up with you and won’t become obsolete once you grow as a golfer. Not all golf club sets are bad, of course. I only dislike the cheap ones. Even among affordable club sets, you can find some that will be pretty good for an intermediate golfer. One of those is Callaway Strata Ultimate set. At current price, i don’t think there is any other pre-packaged set of clubs that can even be compared to this one in terms of value for the money. As a rule of thumb though, i recommend to look at club sets that cost at least seven to eight hundred dollars. I think Adams and TaylorMade have some amazing club sets in that price range. I don’t remember the exact names, but quick search on Amazon or GlobalGolf should give you plenty of options to choose from. If you don’t have that amount of money, getting used golf clubs is always an option. An option that is dangerous and requires a lot of attention to get right, but still valid option nonetheless. What i mean to say is, a lot of used golf club listings are actually scams, and you should be either extremely careful or have someone experienced at buying used clubs guide you through the process. 

It probably didn’t escape your attention that in this post, i am only talking about buying golf club sets. Not individual golf clubs on their own. That’s intentional and is derived from my perception that sets (for example, these golf clubs for casual golfers) are the best options for beginners as well as intermediates. They don’t know enough to perfectly choose golf clubs individually anyway, and by buying entire sets, they can at least save money. But if you are intermediate and have strong feeling that you can choose better clubs yourself, then i would recommend doing so. Choosing clubs one by one gives you greater control over your club set and by extension, your performance on the course. When trying to buy best golf clubs for yourself, another route you can take is the route of buying irons as a set and other clubs separately one by one. This might be good golden medium for most people, because it gives you some freedom to customize your own set, without taking too much time or making too much room for mistakes.

Still, if you do decide to buy every type of club except for irons by yourself, driver should get the most of your attention and money. I firmly believe that driver is single most important club in any set, be it for beginners or senior golfers.