Are golf club brands really that trustworthy?

Commercialization of golf has been going on for few decades now, and i think it has reached it’s peak these days. Golf gear brands release new and improved golf clubs every year, and designs and patterns are changing fast. Newer technologies make it easier for beginner to shoot better, but those magical golf clubs are simply not accessible to everyone. Those new clubs usually cost a lot, and most budget-constrained golfers are forced to play with inferior clubs, which kills competitive spirit if your competitor is outperforming you simply because of his expensive clubs. So some of my friends, who are in this situation, are quite angry at golf club brands and have considered ditching them at once. That’s what inspired me to do a little research to find out just how important these club brands are.  

 Biggest advantage that golf club brands have, is their control of production and therefore, quality. Brands are responsible for each club they churn out, so they don’t take quality control lightly. If you were to buy unbranded or knockoff golf clubs, you are taking a gamble and there’s much higher chance of it being defective and breaking easily. Because there is no sense of responsibility towards its customers. I also doubt they would have return policy, so in case something went wrong, you’d be stuck with your broken club.

 Another reason for why i think brands are important, is economy of scale. Some massive golf club manufacturers like Callaway and Adams get huge discounts on raw materials and basically everything else, so they’re able to build and sell golf clubs at much lower price than others. I’ve found this guide to be very helpful in helping to pick very best quality irons for golf beginners. Meanwhile, chinese clubs usually manage to beat their price, but only by having lower quality standards and production costs. 

 And third reason, which isn’t exactly game changer for me, but is still important, is the authority of a brand. Marketing teams in these huge golf brands are very good at making their brands synonymous with success and winning. So subconsciously, and sometimes consciously, you really start to associate them with winning, and are addicted to that feeling of pride. You want to buy it and wear it, so it can become manifestation of your identity. I probably didn’t do the best job of explaining this, but i hope at least someone understood.

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