How much of a difference do expensive golf clubs make?

I’ve been active golfer for past two years. Everything started when my friend Evan dragged me to the golf course, and against my expectations, i actually liked golfing. Before that, i had heard stereotypical version of golf, which didn’t seem like much fun. But turns out, as in most things, reality is much better than the stereotype and you can shape it however you want. Anyway, i started writing this post with one question to answer – how much of difference do expensive golf clubs make? My golf skills have grown, so i’m familiar with the growth curve of playing golf. Which is why why i feel qualified to answer this question.

Turns out, golf clubs only make a difference at the pro level. In my opinion, if you’ve played golf for several years consistently, your game should have improved to the point that you require high end set of clubs to realize your full potential. Unfortunately, i think, affordable golf club sets won’t cut at that time. By high end, i mean, properly designed golf clubs with proper materials and good fit for your arm length. Picking golf club that is of relevant size to your arms is crucial. I’ve seen to many rich golfers buy fancy golf club sets that were too big for them to not stress this. Get them customized, that’s most important part. Not the price. It’s also good idea to ask around to find out what other golfers think about product you’re thinking of buying. Or read reviews.

 I should also mention that if you aren’t competitive, you might do just fine with simple, affordable clubs. They will definitely hold your scores back, but if you’re kind of person who doesn’t care about that stuff, good for you, because you’ll save the trouble of spending thousands of dollars on new golf clubs. That isn’t mandatory though, there are many ways to get new and hot golf clubs for fraction of the price. My favorite method is by buying them used. But if you think you’re above that, then yeah, you’ll have to spend quite a lot.

 Pro golfers can make any golf clubs work, and will beat average golfer with top notch clubs any time. Your wallet doesn’t decide the quality of your shots. Your skills do. And even though good golf clubs are a lot of help, they can’t win tournaments for you.

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