How to save on golf clubs

Golf has deserved reputation for being extremely expensive sport. Honestly, i can’t think of any other outdoors hobby that is as expensive as golf. That’s why a lot of people are looking for alternative ways to save money on golf gear. I usually don’t like to be cheap, but when it comes to golf, i often have to, or i would go bankrupt. I don’t think of it as being cheap though. I think you are cheap when you want things that are too good for too little price, but when it comes to my methods of saving money on golf clubs and other accessories, it’s a bit different. I try to look for value in places and golf products where most people overlook it, which enables me to snatch up golf gear that has great value for very reasonable price. 

Driver is one of, if not the most important club in your set. So choosing a driver that isn’t overpriced will be important for your budgeting concerns.

  First and foremost, my favorite way to find the best deals on golf clubs is to buy them used. A lot of people have bad feelings about  owning used clubs, but considering their advantages, they are a must-have for me. These advantages include : 

  1. Low cost – used golf clubs sometimes cost half or even less than the listing price of same clubs in brand new condition. I’m talking about used golf clubs that are in pristine condition, not the worn out ones. 
  2. Little risk – This is associated with the first point. When you spend thousands on few brand new golf clubs alone, there is a lot of pressure to actually use them so that your money doesn’t go to waste. There’s none of that with used golf clubs, which are cheaper. Thus this little attachment to them allows you to experiment and find things that you like. 

The obvious disadvantage is that the clubs that you’re buying have been used by someone else. Except for aesthetic preference for brand new golf clubs that some people might have, there is other problem with this. You can’t really know how well previous owner of the clubs has been treating them and there are no guarantees regarding the quality of the golf club. That’s why i think that when shopping for used golf clubs, you have to have good eye for noticing subtle but important things that indicate actual quality of the club. If you don’t have experience of noticing these intricate features of a golf club, then i would recommend getting help of someone who can, or avoiding getting used golf clubs altogether. One tool that you can use for detecting scam listings of used golf clubs is common sense. If a golf club’s price is too unrealistically low, then it probably isn’t real and that golf club doesn’t exist. Still, as much as i like used golf clubs, there is no denying that new golf clubs have some great features that used ones lack. That’s why i would advise you to consider the option of looking at value golf clubs. Maybe there is a sale coming soon, or great bargain that you’re not noticing. I also think that Bazooka club sets are really a catch at the price they cost now. If interested, you can read more about them in this review. Ultimately, it is up to you to keep an eye out for good deals on golf clubs, new as well as used. You shouldn’t rule out either as being bad deals or waste of money.

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